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Gunpowder Plot Game

Test your knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot and save the Houses of Parliament from blowing up here

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Guy Fawkes Mask

An impressive Guy Fawkes mask based on the design from the film V for Vendetta. Print the PDF file on to card and cut out the pieces, score the tabs and either glue or use double-sided tape. Take your time it is a bit fiddly. PDF file 

Jigsaw Puzzle

Test yourself on this simple puzzle against the clock.

Firework Game

Firework Game set in London on New Year''s Eve. Click the rockets with your mouse to explode them and score points, see who you can beat from around the world. My highest score so far is 14672 but that is about half the current highest ever score. GAME LINK

File 1 (1342kb)

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