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Turn Your Special Day Into Everybody Else''s Great Day.

Wedding Receptions are great fun if planned right, now this can be something your friends and family will talk about for months if not years to come. But don''t forget a lot of Bride and Groom''s have, in the past, found that the whole reception has passed them by in a blur because of the sense of duty to ensure their guests are enjoying themselves throughout the day, and as a consequence they have not been able to relax and enjoy it!

As usual your guests expect to be fed, plied with drink and entertained, all at your family''s expense, therefore it is essential you do not burden yourself too much on the day so your free to enjoy yourselves as well. Planning and preparation are the key words, which should dictate the decisions you make and the direction you head for.

Having decided on the venue, the catering, the drink, the photographer, the transport, the decorations, the entertainment and all the other little extras, including some Heinz Ketchup for your Uncle Bert and a bottle of Tizer for your little nephew, you can look forward to the evening ahead.

While it''s not strictly a form of entertainment, the post meal speeches are always looked forward to by the guests with a strange sense of dread and longing. The audience is always on the side of the speechmakers so always try and make use of this to best effect by keeping your speech shortish in length and humorous.

First, the bride''s father proposes a toast to the happy couple - he can say as much or as little as he likes, but always ends with him asking everyone to raise their glasses to The Bride and Groom. The Groom then replies, thanking the key people involved in the wedding such as both set of parents, the bride (of course) and the best man. The guests for their presents, he gives out any suitable gifts and proposes a toast to the bridesmaids. The best man then reads the telegrams etc., unveils some embarrassing story about the groom, congratulates him on his choice of bride, thanks the groom on the bridesmaids behalf and finally toasts the happy couple. The best man should also organise and announce the next dramatic set piece of the reception, the cutting of the cake.

Later it will be time for the new Mr and Mrs, to lead the way on the dance floor. So be warned, a bit of a rehearsal might be in order, if the last time you danced to a waltz was when it rained in the games period at school!

During the evening, with the formalities over, and the mood is at its brightest as the skies outside become darker, why not imprint your day upon your guests with a blaze of colour? Fireworks make such an exciting finale to any big event, so what better way to mark your own personal night of celebration? You don''t have to spend a fortune in order to have a display tailor-made for you, and it''s often a great way of gathering all your guests together in a manageable group so that the best man can inform everybody of your departure time and those last photos can be taken. At Big Bang Fireworks we will be happy to recommend the most suitable type of display for your venue within your budget, and look after all the safety aspects on the day itself. Whatever time of the evening you decide upon for your Big Bang, relax, enjoy and have fun, - after all, you deserve it.




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