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Big Bang Fireworks is comprehensively insured to incorporate £5 million of public insurance, £5 million of product liability insurance and £10 million of employers liability insurance, thus ensuring that our firework displays, display teams and products are fully insured to the highest level.

Don't accept anything less or you can be sure they are a Cowboy outfit

At Big Bang we have many years experience within the pyrotechnic trade. Our experience means we can choose the types of firework that will make your event, really special. New technological advances, have produced colours and burst patterns which generally cost thousands of pounds - which we can now produce displays for a fraction of the cost. We also customise most displays to suit your requirement and the location. Display planning is an area where great display companies are separated from mediocre companies. Big Bang will not only take into account, personal taste, budget and site considerations to maximise the beauty and impact of your display, we use only high quality fireworks, designed to create a unique and spectacular display for you.


We are now producing more and more Displays in Cornwall and Devon from our Cornish branch helped via our large storage bunker. Our successful Displays provide great value for money but include our expertise gained from our many years in the industry. VIDEO LINK


The Big Bang Display Service:

  • Liaison with venue and authorities  Any Safety meetings or general discussions regarding the display, as required.
  • Risk assessment  Every show we fire, will have been risk assessed. This ensures we address any concerns.
  • Insurance cover  We are fully insured for 365 days a year, remember some companies have insurance per event and this is not considered a professional approach. Even worse some don’t have any!
  • Planning of the show  Each show is planned by our experienced design team.Team to set up the display, will be a professional fully trained firing team.
  • Members of  Explosive Industry Group, part of the CBI
  • Experience  we have many continuious  years in the industry


So in a nutshell what do we do? Well we devote 50% of our working lives to Professional Firework Displays and the other 50% to our Specialist Firework Shop, supplying advice and fireworks to the General Public.

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