Firework Miscellaneous Items

Big Bang Fireworks offers a professional all- in-one service that comes from being experts in the firework entertainment business.  We pride ourselves on offering you all of the extras you could need to create a truly spectacular show. Apart from all of the cake fireworks, rockets and Catherine wheels that you imagine to be in this fireworks shop, we offer you all of the extras that can really make your event special. We provide firework miscellaneous items in many areas of the East Midlands, including Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

The firework miscellaneous items we can offer for your event in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester include fountain fireworks, sparklers, candles and wheeling fireworks.

Sparklers fireworks

These fun firework miscellaneous items available to Derby, Leicester and Nottingham are often the most common items seen at any firework event.  After watching the magic and awesome displays at your function, people will enjoy holding a bit of the wonder in their own hands and enjoying the flicker and warm glow of a pretty sparkler against the night sky, perhaps spelling their name as they wave it around.

Firework candles

Otherwise known as roman candles, these emit stars or contain shells which go off once they have reached a certain height.  This form of firework has been around for a long time, first being used in china.

Mine Fireworks

Much like roman candles, the mine firework begins at ground level and builds up to a wonderful crescendo of colour and exciting sounds, giving people a surprise as its display unfurls.

Fountain Fireworks

Other firework miscellaneous items available in Leicester, etc include our choice of fountain fireworks.  These truly look beautiful and can be used as a frame, surrounding all other fabulous fireworks, creating a feast for the eyes of colour and light.

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