Cake Fireworks

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Cake fireworks may sound like they’d be delicious to eat but the truth is anything but! These types of fireworks are small but powerful and will add a fantastic flourish to any firework display. Here at Big Bang Fireworks we aim to provide a fantastic selection of cake fireworks for you to choose from in our specialist fireworks shop.

Cakes are clusters of small Roman candles fused together and designed to send a continuous stream of stars and noise effects into the air. Cake effects can reach 40-70 feet into the air and therefore serve up a wonderful spectacle for any private firework display. Shorter, wider cakes can be placed on a flat surface, while taller cakes should be buried into the ground. ‘Finale’ boxes can contain up to 300 fireworks and can be made up of a mixture of mines and large Roman candles.

We stock an enormous variety of cake fireworks from our small £5.99 Saturn missiles, which contain 100 shots, to our large Starbust and Oblivion boxes which cost around £30 each. No matter which cake you choose for your display, you and your guests will find fun in their rapid-fire star streams.

We pride ourselves on offering one of the most comprehensive selections of firework cakes in the East Midlands. If you would like to learn more about our cake fireworks, all you have to do is get in contact with us. We would be able to advise you about all of our cakes and on the other elements you need to put on a safe and entertaining fireworks display.

If you have any questions about our cake fireworks please send an email to, call 01159730435 or fill out the contact form here on our website. Our staff would be happy to be of help.


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