Rocket Fireworks

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Single Rocket fireworks are available to purchase for you and your family, guests and spectators to enjoy.  With a varied selection to choose from, you can be sure you can get the feeling and atmosphere you require from our rocket fireworks in Nottinghamshire. We can light up the skies for wedding venues, new year celebrations, local festivals or concerts.  Just contact us for any of your needs from giving advice on safety by carrying out details and thorough risk assessments particular to your chosen venue, to giving advice on the type of fireworks you may wish to display.  The colours and styles of rocket fireworks forever developing as professionals in the pyrotechnic trade continue to create dazzling displays that wow crowds the world over.

Regardless of the venue or the amount of people present at you rocket fireworks display in the East Midlands area, safety must first of all be paramount.  There are three known categories of firework displays available, that can be handled by the public.  Please check out the safety rules that should be followed in order to fully enjoy your firework display. Some of those other categories should only be handled by professional firework display operators, such as those available at Big Bang Fireworks.  Our team can organise your event so that your show is kept safe and the display itself is of an excellent standard. 

Rocket fireworks are the most traditional of all firework types, and can be identified by the stick that protrudes out of its casing.  These rockets are a popular choice with smaller venues such as garden parties or group bonfire nights.  For bigger venues or for a more timed and themed firework display available in the East Midlands check out our large firework cakes and one fuse ignition fireworks available.

  • *NEW*

    The starter pack of rockets, with 5 different coloured bursts


    RRP £14.99 SAVE £3.49

    The awesome 5 pack of Ballistic Rockets have a safe distance of 8m but are also 1.3G rated, meaning they have an extra dash of the hard stuff to make sure they really pack a punch. Each rocket comes with different coloured effects.


    RRP £24.99 SAVE £6

    New for 2018, Jaw dropping 3” Shell rocket with true display quality effects and colours. Utilising our patented Flip-Stick technology to reduce storage space, this rocket boasts a massive break with lemon, to blue to white glitter. Just the ticket for rocket enthusiasts.

    Want 4 Different rockets try Wrecking Balls for £70


    New for 2018

     Hard Hitter knocks it out the park when it comes to performance! The hang time on this rocket makes it exceptional, mesmerising and simply adds to its value. Awesome rocket and fantastic quantity.
  • NEW 


    Get these while you can!

    £20 Bargain price (RRP £30)

    Effects: Brocade crown with crackling pistil; Gold willow to colour, red strobe willow white strobe blue stars, time rain willow with blue pistil, red dahlia white strobe pistil.



    RRP £34.99 SAVE £13

    Full Flash, Full Effects and Full on impact, that's Afterburner. The pack contains 9 amazing rockets, with outstanding bursts and effects.


    RRP £34.99 SAVE £5

    Live on the edge with the Battalion Rocket pack, featuring 5 Stunning Rockets with 5 stunning effects. These Rockets are truly exceptional and are designed to produce maximum impact. Can you handle them!


    RRP £55

    NEW FOR 2019

    EFFECTS: Special Strobe

    Watch the video! Not bad for £15 a rocket ay?!



    RRP £59.99 SAVE £10

    BUY ONE FOR £25

    This Mad Max rocket is based on proven professional display effects and the results speak for themselves.


    RRP £74.99 SAVE £20

    15 top quality rockets at an unreal price! We have squeezed 3 different sizes rockets and loads of effects in to 1st Strike, making it a firm favourite with all the family.



    Taking advantage of advancements in firework design and composition Absolute Fireworks have improved upon their hugely popular King Cobra rockets giving them brighter and more colourful effects while also increasing the hang time of the effect. These really are an example of how good a large rocket can be made and really are wonderful to see in action.


    RRP £64.99 SAVE £5

    Yet another addition to our fantastic range of large rockets, its Superior. A mix of four distinct display quality effects with a common theme: crackling dragon eggs. Fantastic colours and varied effects make this a terrific pack.



    Final Assault is an amazing pack of four display quality rockets, each with its own individual effect. Using technology normally reserved for professional displays, this rocket pack boasts effects including brocades, strobes, pistils and much more.


    RRP £64.99 SAVE £5

    Topgun hits the target when it comes to incredible effects and impact. Each of the four rockets in the pack have been designed to showcase some of the best effects available in the industry, and draw upon professional display techniques to achieve this.


    RRP £99 SAVE £29

    This pack of 4 x 3" display shell rockets really will blow your socks off with each pack boasting 4 different effects. If you are looking for outstanding display quality effects then this is the pack for you.


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